CA PPM: Default Values in Reports are different in 14.4 vs 15.4

Document ID : KB000100037
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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The reports 'Program Budget vs. Forecast by Period' and 'Program Budget vs. Forecast by Period Detail' shows incorrect Status. 
It shows some Status even though there are NOT programs with those status. Why?
The input control query for the Program Status filter in 14.4. and 15.5 are the same: 

SELECT DISTINCT lkp.investment_status_key AS investment_status_key, 
lkp.investment_status AS investment_status, 
lkp.sort_order AS sort_order 
FROM dwh_lkp_investment_status lkp 
INNER JOIN dwh_inv_investment i ON i.investment_status_key = lkp.investment_status_key 
WHERE 1=1 
AND lkp.is_active = 1 
AND i.investment_type_key = 'project' 
AND lkp.language_code = $P{LoggedInUserAttribute_ppmUserLanguage} 
ORDER BY lkp.investment_status 

Both programs and projects are investment_type_key = 'project' so the status will be returned for all existing programs AND projects in the database, for the program filter. 

The default values are displayed based on your existing Projects AND Program. If you have all values in your system, only the default values will be preselected but if you do not have all values in your system, only the existing default values will be preselected.