CA PPM: Default value of the Status field is not defaulted when you create a New Project from a Template in the New User Experience.

Document ID : KB000100046
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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Steps to Reproduce:

= In Classic PPM :

1. In admin side open Object: Project.
Attribute: Status
Set Default: Approved

Add Attribute Status in the Layout:Create view and in Layout:Edit
In View: Project Properties - Property Field be sure you don't have Override Default

2. Create a Template.
Verify Status=Approved

3. Create a new project from that template in Classic PPM.
Status field shows Approved (like we have it defaulted to do).

= In the New User Experience

4. Create a New Project from that Template.

Notice that you don't see 'Status' in the New User Experience. That is one of the attributes that you can not add, it was not an option to select it. Attribute Status has 'API Attribute ID' grayed out.

5. Open the Project created in New User Experience in classic PPM. Check 'Status'.

Expected Result: 
The projects Status should be Approved.

Actual Result: 
The projects show Status Unapproved.
Defaults works fine for attributes that you can add/see in the project in the new UI.
Caused by DE38947
Fixed in 15.4.