CA PPM: Default save filter with a power filter that incorporates an OBS value does not work

Document ID : KB000045074
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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If you have a portlet based on the Task Object and you create a power filter that incorporates an OBS value against the project object and Save the Filter and make it the default filter, when you access the Portlet it shows ERROR.

Steps to Reproduce:

Perform the STR using Oracle and SQL db:
1.    Login as a Clarity administrator user
2.    Administration, Portlets, click 'New', 'Grid' Portlet
3.    Select Data Provider = 'Task' Object
4.    Click 'Next' button
5.    Configure the Portlet grid layout with some fields
6.    Configure the Filter Section with at least one field, Default Filter State = Expanded, Allow Power Filter = Checked
7.    Click 'Save and Return' button
8.    Place the portlet on a page
9.    Navigate to that page. On the portlet, click '[Build Power Filter] link
        Select the following to build the expression:
        Object = Project (Master Object)
        Field = Default Resource OBS Unit
        Operator = '=' symbol
        Right = select any OBS Unit
        Click 'Add' button to evaluate the expression
        Click 'Save and Return' button
10.    On the portlet, click Filter
Portet return results
11.    Click on 'Save Filter'. Enter Filter Name 'mysavefilter'.
Click 'Save and Return' button
12. On the portlet, select the filter 'mysavefilter'.
The portlet comes up fine and shows results.
13.    Click on 'Manage Filters'. Make 'mysavefilter' the default filter.
14.    Log out and log back in. Navigate to the portet

Expected Result:  

The portlet does not display any error. You can access the configuration option.

Actual Result:  

SQL: the portlet displays just ERROR and the configuration options is not accessible.

Oracle: the portlet shows "Error Sorting by the column specified is not allowed.".  I am able to access the configuration option.


Caused by CLRT-79788


Do not make the save filter that has a power filter that incorporates an OBS value the Default Filter. 



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