Default attribute values (on multiple-select type lookups) at portlet filter sections are lost if the portlet is XOGed in, if those lookup values contain ampersands on the lookup_code

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Last Modified Date : 05/12/2018
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1. Create a static list lookup called my_lkp
   Add values a&b, b&c and cd
2. On the project object create an attributes called my_attr and link it to the lookup above
3. Create a portlet based on the project object
4. Open the portlet and go to the List Filter Section > Layout
   Add the custom attribute to the filter. Set it as single select and add the a&b value as default.
5. XOG the portlet out
6. Change the portlet id on the xml output, so we can use it to create a new identical portlet.
7. XOG in the new file.
8. A new portlet has been created, the same as the original one and the filter attribute default value is set as a&b
9. Using the same portlet, go to the List Filter Section > Fields and edit the attribute properties.
10. The lookup attribbute as multi-select
11. Add all 3 values to the field: a&b, b&c and cd
12. XOG out the portlet
13. Modify the portlet id on the output file so this can be used to XOG create a new portlet
14. XOG the portlet in and check the filter attribute defaults.

Expected result: Default values as specified on the xml file are XOGed in
Actual Result: The attribute default is c. Any value with an ampersand is not XOGed in as default value
CA PPM 14.X, 15.X
This is caused by DE45816
This is currently being analyzed by engineering
Additional Information:
if you use the portlet Save As option to create a duplicate portlet, same behavior occurs.
Any lookup value with an ampersand on the lookup_code is not copied over to the new portlet