Debugging the UNIX Advanced Target Connector

Document ID : KB000009810
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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These are instructions needed to debug the Password Authority UNIX Advanced Target Connector.

This is useful when customizing update and verify scripts, and also to generate more verbose logs for troubleshooting.

Password Authority 4.5.3

a) Navigate to the <CSPM_HOME>\cspmserver\config folder

b) Create a new folder in this directory called targetapplications

c) Create a new ‘’ text file  (note that is unix with two uppercase letter I, as in the ninth letter of the alphabet, or the Roman numeral  II for 2).

d) In this file, you can add the following to enable full debugging mode:






    NOTE: the verboseDebugEnabled option will show passwords in the clear in the Tomcat log file; however, this is the only way to see the entire conversation between Password Authority and the Target Server and so it’s particularly useful despite the security implications. 


    NOTE: the “reloadDefaultScripts” settings causes the connector to refresh the update and verify scripts on each execution so that any changes take effect immediately without requiring tomcat to be restarted.

e) Save the file

f) Restart Tomcat (you have to do this once to pick up the debug information).

g) Perform the ‘Verify’ or ‘Update’ task on the target account

h) Tail the stdout.log file in the <CSPM_HOME>\cspmserver_thirdparty\tomcat\logs folder
i) Observe the output and watch for errors and successes