Debugging DevTest Test Runner

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Last Modified Date : 23/03/2018
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The Test Runner command-line utility is a "headless" version of DevTest Workstation with the same functionality, but no user interface. That is, it can be run as a stand-alone application.

Test Runner lets you run tests as batch applications. You give up the opportunity to monitor tests in real time, but you still can request reports for later viewing.

  • On Windows, Test Runner is available in the LISA_HOME\bin directory as a Windows executable, TestRunner.exe.
  • On UNIX, Test Runner is available as a UNIX executable, TestRunner, and a UNIX script,

Test Runner lets you incorporate DevTest tests into a continuous build workflow. Or, use Test Runner with JUnit to run standard JUnit tests in Ant or some other build tool.

All support DevTest releases and platforms.
Make sure you have a Coordinator and Simulator running.  Running from Test Runner is just like doing a Stage.

Make sure you can Stage  to DCM your Suite or Test Case from the Workstation.

Make sure you specify -u <user> -p <pswd> on the command line.

Make sure you specify -m somecomputer/Registry when targeting a remote Registry on the command line.

An important restriction for remote staging project documents is to have a unique name for all projects. This restriction applies not only to project suites, but also remotely staging project test cases that refer to other assets (like data sets) in the project.

The -config or --configFile option lets you specify the configuration to use for a test run.

Test Runner does not understand DevTest projects, so you must provide the fully qualified path to the configuration file. For example:

Logging output is written to the trunner.log file located in the user folder of the person running the test. 

The logging level that is used is the same as that set in the LISA_HOME\ file.

To change the logging level, edit the log4j.rootCategory property in the file from:




If you are still having an issue running Test Runner, please open a support case.