Deactivating Resource Skills Interest Level and Proficiency Level lookup values cause issues

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Last Modified Date : 26/12/2018
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When adding a Resource Skill, the skill is added in combination with 2 lookup values.
The system allows you to deactivate the stock list of lookup values and you can create your own list of values.
However, if you deactivate the lookup values, there are 2 problems that arise.
First, if you have added some skills to a resource and selected a lookup value and subsequently deactivated the value, it is not showing on the list as the previously saved value from the database record - it will automatically show the first/next available active lookup value and if the user clicks 'Save' button, the newly displayed value is now saved in the existing skill records.  The lookups on this page should show the 'saved' value even when the value is deactivated so that it is not unexpectedly changed.
Another issue that can occur when deactivating ALL lookup values for either the Interest Level or Proficiency Level is when the user goes to 'Add' a Skill.  When the user picks the skill to add, it seems as if the skill is added, however, looking at the list of added skills ; it does not get added.  No error message is generated indicating that it cannot be added if there are zero active lookup values for either level for the skill.  Therefore, the application is expecting or requires at least 1 active value in BOTH lookups. Once you activate at least 1 lookup value, you can then add skills to the resource.

These are the 2 lookups that are tied to adding a skill to the resource:

Lookup Name = Resource Interest Level

Lookup Name = Resource Proficiency Level

Prepare Data:

Go to Administration, Skills Hierarchy and create at least 10 skills (or use PMO sample data with skills already created)

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to Home, Resources, Labor Resource, Skills tab
2. Add about 5 skills to this resource (The skills are added successfully)
3. Within the Skills list update both columns for the Proficiency Level and Interest Level so that you have selected 1-5 different levels on each of the 5 skills.
4. Go to Administration, Lookups 
     a. Locate the Resource Interest Level lookup
     b. Deactivate values 1-5 
     c. Locate the Resource Proficiency Level lookup
     d. Deactivate values 1-5

5. Go back to Home, Resources, Labor Resource, Skills tab
     DO NOT CLICK 'Save' Button - or the value will get overwritten to use #6 value.

Expected: To see the saved levels (1-5)
Actual: We see the next active level #6
Workaround: Until this is fixed, Do not deactivate values that are being used, unless you no longer want to use them and it is okay for the values to change 

6. Go to Administration, Lookups
     a. locate EITHER the Interest Level or Proficiency Level lookup 
     b. Deactivate ALL lookup values

7. Go back to Home, Resources, Labor Resource, Skills tab
8. Click 'Add' button. Select a skill and click 'Add' button

Expected: To see the skill is added or an error message indicating that there are no active skill levels.
Actual: The skill is NOT added, no error message or warning is shown to indicate that there is a problem adding the skill.
Solution/Requirement: Have the administrator review the lookup values for both the Resource Interest Level and Resource Proficiency Level lookups to ensure there is at least 1 active value in BOTH lookups.
Defect DE45315 - Deactivating Resource Skills Interest Level and Proficiency Level lookup values cause issues
Defect DE45315, Fixed in 15.6