DDOL signon/signoff panels DDMAP to ADRPNL

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Last Modified Date : 04/09/2018
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After upgrading CA Datacom/DB to a later version, the DDOL signon panel still shows the prior version.
How to use VLSUTIL to check that the correct version of the DDOL signon and signoff panels provided by the CA Datacom installation DDMAP have been upgraded in each CICS region ADRPNL?

To check your DDOL panels on each CICS region:

1. Run VLSUTIL batch utility to list the members, their dates added and updated then check the dates:         
//VLSFILE  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=your.cics.region.ADRPNL 
//SYSUDUMP DD DUMMY SYSOUT =*                
//AUXPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                      
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                      
//SYSIN    DD *                              
HEX /                                       

Note:  If the DSN of the ADRPNL file in a CICS region is not known, find the “Dsname” value via CICS command:

2. Find #SCDD in the VLSUTIL library list SYSPRINT and check the dates for the three DDOL panels named:
The dates in the VLSUTIL library listing for the CA Datacom/DB DDOL panels for each version should be:
For CA Datacom Version 15.1:
                                         ADDED      UPDATED
#SCDDOF   DDOL SIGN-OFF PANEL            08/01/12   11/13/15
#SCDDOH   DDOL SIGN-ON HELP PANEL        11/13/86   07/17/87
#SCDDON   DDOL SIGN-ON PANEL             08/01/12   11/13/15
For CA Datacom Version 15.0:  
                                         ADDED      UPDATED
#SCDDOF   DDOL SIGN-OFF PANEL            08/01/12   08/01/12
#SCDDOH   DDOL SIGN-ON HELP PANEL        11/13/86   07/17/87
#SCDDON   DDOL SIGN-ON PANEL             08/01/12   08/01/12
For CA Datacom Version 14.0 (EOS):
                                     ADDED     UPDATED
#SCDDOF  DDOL SIGN-OFF PANEL         11/04/11  11/04/11  
#SCDDOH  DDOL SIGN-ON HELP PANEL     11/13/86  07/17/87  
#SCDDON  DDOL SIGN-ON PANEL          11/04/11  11/04/11  

If the dates for the panels are not correct for the version, then:

-  For CA Datacom/DB 15.1 or 15.0 active upgrade, INSTJCL job BDACTDD2 needs to be run.
-  For CA Datacom/DB 15.1 or 15.0 standard upgrade, INSTJCL job BDUPG09 needs to be run.

The relevant upgrade job needs to be run for each CICS region to update the VLS file named ADRPNL.

Additional Information:

For CA Datacom Version 12.0 (EOS):

                                     ADDED      UPDATED                       
#SCDDOF  DDOL SIGN-OFF PANEL         02/18/09   02/18/09                      
#SCDDOH  DDOL SIGN-ON HELP PANEL     11/13/86   07/17/87                      
#SCDDON  DDOL SIGN-ON PANEL          02/18/09   02/18/09