DCPROFIL shows ZIIP=S. What does the 'S' signify?

Document ID : KB000049418
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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DCPROFIL normally shows ZIIP=N or ZIIP=Y. Now we have seen ZIIP=S but see no documentation explaining what the 'S' means..


ZIIP eligibility requirements are documented in CA IDMS System Operations Guide, z/OS Considerations, zIIP Exploitation and RI37594.

If you specify ZIIP=Y in your startup parameters and if during startup we detect that a required module has been loaded from an unauthorized loadlib, you will see message DC016106 which will look like this:

DC016106 ZIIP=N forced. Module modulename was loaded from an unauthorized library.
DDN=CDMSLIB VOLSER =volser DSN=dataset.name

zIIP processing can also be turned off at any time after CV starts up if a required module is loaded from an unauthorized loadlib (typically a database procedure or dynamically loaded exit program).

Message DC283916 or DB347059 may be issued with text similar to DC016106

If this occurs, DCPROFIL will show ZIIP=S to indicate ZIIP processing was initially enabled but has now been Stopped due to the named module being loaded from an unauthorized loadlib.