DCI Controller region getting a S0C4 in UNKNOWN module at startup

Document ID : KB000123183
Last Modified Date : 19/12/2018
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Just installed CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 1.5 0300 on an LPAR where no other CA Mainframe solutions are running. CA Common Services has been installed and CAIRIM started at IPL.
When the DCI Controller region is started, a S0C4 in UNKNOWN module is returned. The Controller region doesn't work and it must be cancelled. 
CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 1.5 0300 on z/OS
ZDCLOGR contains the following error messages:
IRX0253E Abend in external function ZDCC0011.                                  
  2360 +++         x=zdcc0011(check_lmpkey,g.config.key)                       
  3543 +++      call check_key                                   /*V143*/      
    80 +++   call req_init                                                     
IRX0040I Error running ?, line 2360: Incorrect call to routine                 
     1 +++ CALL ZDCC0010                                                       
IRX0040I Error running ZDCC0001, line 1: Incorrect call to routine      

Verified that CAIRIM is running with a very old maintenance level.
Applied all the available maintenance for CAIRIM and the other CA Common Services functions that are applied. IPLed the LPAR, restarted DCI and the S0C4 abend no longer occurred.