DCDCONTL fails at startup with the error: StandardServer.await: create[localhost:33150]: java.net.BindException: EDC8116I Address not available

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Last Modified Date : 14/06/2018
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After DCDCONTL finishes initializing it immediately terminates with the error: 
SEVERE: StandardServer.await: create[localhost:33150]:java.net.BindException: EDC8116I Address not available.
DCD 2.0 IR9
The condition that is causing DCD to shutdown immediately is due to the specified shutdown port (as defined in the server.xml member and in this case 33150) not being available.
The most common approach to resolve this condition is to remove the need to bind to the shutdown port by changing the port allocation to '-1' in the DCD Apache-Tomcat's server.xml file.  The server.xml file can be found in DCD's /.../DCD/catalina-base/conf directory.  Use ISPF 3.17 to 'ea' (edit ascii) on the server.xml member changing   
<Server port="33150" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">    to    <Server port="-1" shutdown="SHUTDOWN"> 
Save the change, and restart DCDCONTL.