$DCAXEDT not updating JCL members

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have updated the $DCAXEDT member in my INSTJCL PDS to the values that I wish to use. However, when I issue


from the TSO command line, it does not update the members in INSTJCL. I have also copied this member to my TSO CLIST PDS and tried to run it from there, with the same outcome that nothing is updated.


How do I get $DCAXEDT to update the members?


Here is the first line of the $DCAXEDT member:


This indicates that this is not a TSO command or Rexx program, but it is an edit macro that you run while in an edit session of another file. 

Here is what the installation instructions say in the DocOps webpage:

After you modify the $DCAXEDT member, save it to your SYSPROC or TSO CLIST data set using any name. In the following steps, UPG15 is used as the name of the modified and saved $DCAXEDT macro. The edit macro is activated allowing custom tailoring of each JCL member before submission when you enter the UPG15 command.

Therefore, in order for this to do what it is supposed to do, you need to copy $DCAXEDT to another PDS in your SYSPROC concatenation - note that you can change the member name as you would like when you copy this (the webpage uses the name UPG15, for example).

Then, while you are editing one of the installation/customization jobs like AXCUS01, you would then type $DCAXEDT (or whatever name you used) on the command line and hit enter. This is shown in the installation documentation like this example:

  1. Locate CAI.THLQ.CAAXSAMP data set member AXCUS00. This member allocates the CAI.HLQ.INSTJCL data set. The CA Datacom Version 15.0 upgrade JCL members are copied from the CAI.THLQ.CAAXSAMP library into the CAI.HLQ.INSTJCL data set.
  2. Type UPG15 in the command line and press Enter. The ISREDIT macro is invoked and all the member variables are changed to your site standards.


Note: UPG15 is really the $DCAXEDT member, but renamed for ease of use.

To summarize, then, if you have modified your $DCAXEDT member with your site settings, you need to:

  1. Copy it to one of your SYSPROC concatenated files,
  2. Edit the INSTJCL member you want to submit, and enter only the name of this $DCAXEDT member on the command line while editing the JCL and hit <enter>. This will execute the edit macro and make your changes.
Additional Information:

Some clients will create a separate INSTJCL file for each MUF that they are creating, and will save the updated/edited JCL. Others will just use a single INSTJCL, and will have multiple customized edit macros that they run on each JCL member, then submit it, and then cancel it to leave it in the original state. You are free to choose whatever method best suits your company.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.