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Last Modified Date : 05/02/2019
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We are attempting to select various options from the MAIN MENU of CA Dispatch after logging on to the Online Viewing Only (OLVO) region and we receive a DC900132 SECURITY VIOLATION - REQUESTED SCREEN DENIED error.


An Online Viewing Only (OLVO) region of Dispatch is NOT a fully functional Dispatch region. It's really only there for users to log on to and view reports in the MAIN Dispatch regions online viewing environment. By having the users log on to an OLVO region, you eliminate the overhead caused by these same users logging on to the MAIN region. 

OLVO regions of Dispatch do not run their own subtasks nor do they process any reports. Consequently, the ONLY valid option for a user logged on to an OLVO region to select from the main menu is option 'B' to access ONLINE VIEWING. 

The DC900132 SECURITY VIOLATION - REQUESTED SCREEN DENIED message will be issued for ANY user who attempts to select any other option from the main menu in an OLVO region. This message will occur regardless of how you have your SECURITY configured. 


Since users of an OLVO region can not select any other option besides option 'B' from the main menu, consider defining an INSTALLATION CODE to the OLVO regions userid's that puts them directly into an online viewing related screen and bypasses the main menu when they log on. 

Available INSTALLATION CODES that put users directly into online viewing are: 

CAOV - Online Viewing Main Menu - (Screen VOVMI000) 

CAMSG - Online Viewing MSGCLASS - (Screen VOVMI200)

CARPT - Online Viewing Reports - (Screen VOVMI010) 

CARCP - End User, Online user viewing - (Screen VOVMI300 or VOVMI310)

NOTE - If you receive this DC900132 SECURITY VIOLATION - REQUESTED SCREEN DENIED error after logging on to a MAIN CA Dispatch region, then the indication is that your site is using EXTERNAL security, you have PANEL validation security turned on, and that the user receiving this error does not have the necessary panel access permission defined for them in their external security profile. Users receiving this error in a MAIN CA Dispatch region will need to follow-up with their sites external security administrator. 

Additional Information:

For Additional information on using INSTALLATION CODES, please refer to your CA Dispatch Installation Guide, Chapter 3: Installation Options, where we document "User Statement Installation Codes".

For additional information on using EXTERNAL security and PANEL validation checking, please refer to your CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide, Chapter 8: Security.