DC365209 errors in MAPC compile

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Last Modified Date : 17/12/2018
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This article documents the main reasons why the message DC365209 FATAL DATABASE ERROR might be encountered in MAPC when attempting to edit a map.
CA-IDMS, all supported releases.
There are two main causes of the DC365209 FATAL DATABASE ERROR message.

1. There is an inconsistency between queue records in the DDLDCRUN area which represent the map and the map definition in the DDLDML area.
- OR -
2. There is a corruption in the map definition itself.
1. Use QUED to identify if there are any queue records for the map.
The name of the queue record will be of the form $MPCxxxxxxxxnnnn where xxxxxxxx is the name of the map and nnnn is the version number.
The name is left justified and padded with spaces and the version number is right justified and padded with zeroes, so the queue name is always 16 characters in length.
Use the following command to delete the queue:
DCMT VARY QUEUE '$MPCxxxxxxxxnnnn' DEL
2. Using the batch mapping utilities, punch out (RHDCMPUT), re-add (RHDCMAP1) the map to the dictionary. 
Additional Information:
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QUED (QUED System Task)
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