dc205006 FUNC=11 FDBK=000 R15=00 NVST=05

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Last Modified Date : 18/04/2018
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What causes this error?
dc205006  FUNC=11 FDBK=000 R15=00 NVST=05
When we see these message, it is usually a problem with the file definitio n in the DMCL...for example: 
CREATE FILE segment.filename 
ASSIGN TO ddname 
(where setname is the name of a set defined by a schema SET statement with 
the VSAM INDEX clause.) 
The error occurs if the FOR CALC or FOR SET parameters are missing. 
Please see the DBA Adminstration manual, chapter 6, FILE statement. 

If your application programs (like OLQ) issue FIND/OBTAIN CALC on the NVSAM 
KDSD records, your FILE defn must say KSDS FOR CALC. 
If you leave this clause off, the program will get 0383 and there will 
be a DC205006 on the log with FDBK= 000 R15= 00 NVST= 05 
Same will occur if you reference the record with a SET defn and don't have 
the FOR SET setname clause on the FILE def.