DC202027 message and 3027 abend at startup

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Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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We are getting the following at startup ...
+IDMS DC202027 V52 Name/Date from DMCL on Journals different from Run Time DMCL
+IDMS DC202028 V52 Run Time DMCL Name: CV01DMCL , Compile Date/Time: 2014-04-03-
+IDMS DC202029 V52 Journal DMCL Name: CV01DMCL , Compile Date/Time: 2018-02-16-
+IDMS DC391008 V52 WARMSTART Failure - IOSTATUS=3027
What does this mean and what's the solution?
CA-IDMS. Any release.
When CA-IDMS abends and the next restart needs to warmstart, it must be done with the same DMCL as the prior CV execution used to ensure it will be able to recover properly.
If in between the two startups, you changed to a new DMCL, CA-IDMS checks for this change and issues the above abend.
If you know that the CV will be able to recover even with the changed DMCL (e.g. no areas or files in the old DMCL were changed or modified in any way), you can override this check with the JRNLDTS parameter in SYSIDMS.
Insert a JRNLDTS parameter into the SYSIDMS ddname of the CV:
JRNLDTS=<date-time-stamp of journal>
The date-time-stamp must be what was listed in the DC202029 message.
Additional Information:
SYSIDMS Parameter Descriptions (scroll down to JRNLDTS).