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Why am I getting DC174001 APPLICATION ABORTED. ATTEMPTING TO EXCEED MAXIMUM LINK LEVELĀ  even after the maximum link level has been increased?


The maximum link level determines the maximum number of dialog levels that can be established by each application. The best way to approach this is to be able to recreate the DC174001. Note what steps are done from the task code to get this message.

That is, from the task code to what PFKEYs are used or what response names are entered. Once this sequence of steps or events are known use the ADSORPTS for the application and dialogs involved to trace/identify what the sequence of application functions are, what dialogs are associated with each function. If at the application level only transfers are being done, the reason for the failure must be linking down from a dialog.

This dialog would most likely be a dialog that is associated with an application function. Therefore you will need to know what application function this is starting from and the name of the dialog that is assigned to the function.

Using an ADSOPRTS for this dialog, do a find on all the LINK commands in this dialog (regardless of what response they are in). Note all the second level dialogs that are being linked to from this function dialog.

Next get an ADSORPTS for each of these second level dialogs that is being linked to from the function dialog and find in each ADSORPTS for these dialogs all the LINK commands. Note all the dialogs that are being linked to from these second level dialogs and run another set of ADSORPTS for these third level dialogs. Continue this way until you find that there is a chain of links that exceeds 10.

If there are links being done at the application level you may have a scenario where one function (function A) has a valid response with a LINK to another function (function B). Function B could also have a response with a LINK to function A. The circular LINK scenario is a design flaw that should be avoided. Regards of how high the LINK level is this could also exceed it.

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