DC173007 abend in ADS dialog

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Last Modified Date : 17/01/2019
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An ADS dialog is abending with the message "DC173007 V53 CA ADS ABEND. ERROR RESTORING CURRENCIES; #CURNCY RC=10"
CA IDMS, all supported releases.
This abend is detected in module RHDCCURS which handles currency save/restore in ADS applications and in theory, the RC=10 means that the run-time system has lost track of the run-unit (there is no subschema-ctrl).
One situation which has been known to cause this abend is if a database area required by the run-unit is missing from the run-time subschema.
Ensure that the subschema being used at run time has all necessary areas.
Note that it is possible that the run time subschema is not physically the same as the one used at compile time (for example, subschema mapping could be in use, or the run-unit could be being shipped to another CV by means of resource table and node definitions).
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