ABEND with USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 in CEEPLPKA when Importing Copybook after installing CAR1712

Document ID : KB000095599
Last Modified Date : 11/05/2018
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We recently updated our CA/Repository maintenance from CAR1506 to CAR1712 and our CAR Administrator reported the following abend in DBXRCIN when attempting to import a Copybook: 

IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  364                                 
  USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 REASON CODE=00000000                 
 TIME=05.30.59  SEQ=27466  CPU=0000  ASID=017D                   
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D1600   A00B55FA  ILC 2  INTC 0D       
   DATA AT PSW  200B55F4 - 00181610  0A0D58D0  D00498EC          
   GR 0: 00010000_84000000   1: 00000000_84000FC7                
      2: 00000000_000526E8   3: 00000000_00000000                
      4: 00000000_200A9658   5: 00000000_200B55FA                
      6: 00000000_0002A358   7: 00000000_1FFE14C0                
      8: 00000000_000526E8   9: 00000000_000521C4                
      A: 00000000_00053017   B: 00000000_A00B5520                
      C: 00000000_8002BC30   D: 00000000_00055938                
      E: 00000000_A00B5556   F: 7F756400_00000000                
 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                             
Starting with PTF RO97093, a new PL/1 compiler was used to compile DBXRCIN that demands a lot more memory. Should you receive this abend running DBXRCIN, specify the following
LE parm string for DBXRCIN:

// PARM=('ERR(0),ALL31(ON),STO(00,NONE,00,0)', 
// 'STACK(669K,500K,ANY,FREE)', 
// 'HEAP(1M,200K,ANY,FREE)/'), 
// COND=(8,LE)