DBUTLTY RETIX produces a small snap dump with a few lines and no other messages. What causes this?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am running a DBUTLTY RETIX and it produces a small snap dump with a few lines and no other messages.

099DF140                  00000018 F7F2F8F8  F0F0F5F6 F0F7C1C6 F7F2F8F8 F0F0F5C6          *        ....7288005607AF72880056*
099DF160 F7F7F4F8                                                                         *7748                            *

What causes this?



The DBUTLTY RETIX function will produce a snap dump if there are duplicate values in the table for keys defined as UNIQUE or a Master Key  defined as allowing no duplicates. It dumps the key id followed by the key value.

In the above example the duplicate key is for key id x'18' (24 decimal)

The duplicate value follows the keyid:  7288005607AF72880056F7F7F4F8 

Snap dumps for duplicates will also be produced by the LOAD and MASADD functions.

You need to remove the duplicate rows from the table.

Additional Information:

See Reading Snap Dumps for Duplicate Key Values in DocOps