DBOC INQ=TRACE Returns Specious Information

Document ID : KB000117863
Last Modified Date : 26/10/2018
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Having an issue with DBOC INQ=TRACE command, it seems to be trapped by CICS then passed onto CSF to process, any text is accepted & DC00380I TRANSACTION COMPLETED messages returned. 

Note that DBOC INQ=CODES does not cause a DFH4200A message & returns valid data 
DBOC INQ=CODEX does not cause a DFH4200A massage & returns INVALID OPERAND 

Both the DBOC INQ=TRACE & DBOC INQ=TRACEX commands generate DFM4200A alerts and after the replies are entered, DC00380I messages are returned for both commands, yet no data is returned and the 
INQ=TRACEX does not generate a DC00382E INVALID OPERAND message 
z/os, CA Datacom/DB 15.1
As of now we do not support routing the TRACE messages to the console, so the results are unpredictable.
CA Datacom/DBC 15.1 Documentation:



Additional Information:
This whole scenario got started because we don't have access to all CICS regions and were hoping a CSF feature would allow us to display the output of a DBOC INQ=TRACE on a TSO session, the documentation is very none specific about the destination to which the output will be routed and we were hoping that CA might be able to provide that.