DBG55092E Data Collector not active

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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User is trying to log into insight and is getting  logged into the wrong subsystem dbap instead of dbad of DB2 and failed with this message: 

Menu  Print  Tools  Help    CA SYSVIEW for DB2  DBAP          10/13/16 09:1=
9:43Pointing to WRONG DB2 Subsystem should be DBAT!
                                18.0            DBAP                   SYSJ=
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Systems                 Systems Menu

DB2 System     __  1  System Statistics
                   2  System History
                   3  CICS / IMS Attachments
                   4  Messages

Threads            5  Active Threads    SQL Analysis 10  SQL Exec Current Stats
                   6  Thread History                 11  SQL Exec History
                   7  Explain

                   8  User Started Reports
                   9  Exception Monitor
                   0  Permanent Exception Definitions

DBG55092E Data Collector not active


DBG55092E has different causes, see TEC1802638 and TEC1727907 for other possible causes. For this one problem user was using a CLIST(INSIGHT) that has been modified for a specific system where the SSID was hard coded  in the CLIST(INSIGTH). Using a CLIST(INSIGHT) that has not been modified for a  specific SSID resolved the problem.


 Other possible causes of this problem:


CLIST(INSIGHT), referencing the wrong libraries like  Requests & source datasets.      

Wrong CLIST(INSIGHT) executed with wrong IDUIPRMS and IDDCPRMS.    

Issuing the command TSO ISRDDN from Insight Main Menu and then do a member  search for INSIGHT from the dataset allocations panel helps in finding the clist being used.