DB347003 subschema not found in JOB14

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ep EMPLOAD in Job14 executes IDMSDMLC to pre-compile COBOL program EMPLOAD. This requires access to the schema EMPSCHM V 100 and subschema EMPSS01. The dictionary segment for these components defaults to APPLDICT; by default by the install process will define these in APPLDICT, and will specify APPLDICT as the system default dictionary in the DBTable. For sites where these components for the EMPDEMO database are loaded into a different dictionary, or where the DBTable specifies something other than APPLDICT as the system default dictionary, step EMPLOAD will fail with DB347003 / 1474.


To avoid this DB347003 / 1474 error in step EMPLOAD of Job14, alter the SYSIDMS DD statement in that step to include a DICTNAME parameter which specifies the dictionary which contains the EMPSCHM V 100 schema and EMPSS01 subschema. If the installation defaults were taken and these are installed in APPLDICT, that means coding DICTNAME=APPLDICT in the SYSIDMS for this step. If you prefer, another way to avoid the error is to alter the DBtable to specify this dictionary as the system default.

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