DB2 job abend S04E

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Last Modified Date : 17/07/2018
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 DB2 job abend with IRLM lock message. IBM suggested to contact the vendor as below. The job requested a mount to 0F87 for scratch at 16:00:07.43. A01269 was mounted at 16:00:08.83 and then a WRITE was issued to this tape. The SSCH was issued and DB2 issued a CHECK to wait for the I/O to complete. At the time of the dump being captured at 16:32:06.397580 it shows that there is an I/O outstanding that has been waiting to complete for 1896 seconds (31.6 minutes). At 16:3218.77 we see SVT1V2200I message issued which I believe is indicating some sort of problem with the device. This is followed by IEC210I 214-10 most likely because we reached MIH so I/O was halted. I would suggest that the customer contact the vendor to find out what this SVT1V2200I is and why the I/O did not complete. Also receiving 
IEC070I 209-220,SVTSAS,SVT1V2,VDR7914,86A2,VKP107, 090 
To resolve this problem, either run the backstore task more frequently or add more space to the Vtape cache.