DB005202 creating an ACCESS MODULE

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When creating the ACCESS MODULE for a program with embedded SQL, the following error is displayed:

DB005202 T838 C1M324: Number of input and output columns are not the same

This normally happens when the number of host variables in a FETCH statement does not match with the number expected according to the related SELECT statement.


However, in this case it’s occurring on a single SET statement so that situation is not possible. 

CA-IDMS any supported release.

At least one of the host variables has subordinates. In CA-IDMS, embedded SQL can only work with host variables that are at the “bottom” of the element structure and have no subordinates.

For example, with this structure:-

01 P1 PIC X(80).
01 P2.
    05 P2-A PIC X(40).
    05 P2-B PIC X(40).
01 P3 PIC X(8).

The following statement will result in the DB005202 error when creating the ACCESS MODULE.




Change the definition of the host variables to this:

01 P1 PIC X(80).
01 P2 PIC X(80).
01 P3 PIC X(8).

Additional Information:

For further information, see the following CA IDMS DocOps section:-

SET host-variable Assignment