ENF CA7 iDash DB00501E Open 25(020)

Document ID : KB000094171
Last Modified Date : 03/05/2018
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Why is ENF IMUF startup failing with DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 25 (020) CXX=ENFP (AAA00770) MUFNAME=enfimuf?

The CA 7 Server for iDash was pointing to the wrong Datacom CUSLIB.  It was pointing to the ENF Datacom MUF CUSLIB and should have pointed to the CUSLIB and Datacom CAAXLOAD) that is used by the CA 7 Datacom MUF.

The Datacom RC 25(020) means that an open was attempted to an invalid database id (DBID).  In this case the DBID was the CA 7 base 770 and started after the CA 7 Server for iDash was implemented.