DB00311I - LOG AREA IS 100% FULL due to OPS rule not spilled

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Last Modified Date : 22/02/2018
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When MUF message ' DB00308I - LOG AREA IS 70% FULL ' is given , automatically by OPS  job PCP0D509 is executed, which is a DBUTLTY SPILL job to  SPILL from the logging file LXX to the recovery file  RXX.
The LXX dataset has 149,000 tracks.
Job  PCP0D509 running a DBUTLTY  SPILL runs  5 to  6 times a day, this is at night when all the batch processes run.
Today we had a problem because OPS sent the following message: OPS4111O RULE OZ55.LOGDCOM HAS EXCEEDED THE AOF FIRING LIMIT OF 10000 .
PCP0D509  was not executed and the Datacom LOG reached 100% (DB00311I - LOG AREA IS 100% FULL), causing problems in the business services; to solve this problem we executed the SPILL job manually .
We need your  advice about the optimal size of the LXX , as well as your suggestion of the optimal SPILL execution frequency, maybe once a day or maybe once a week. 
CA Datacom 
The problem is not with the size of the LXX. If you are happy with 6 spills a day then that's fine. You can always increase the size of the log in order to run less spills but that will not really help here for this OPS message.. You need to check with the OPS people. They have setup this rule ' OPS4111O RULE OZ55.LOGDCOM HAS EXCEEDED THE AOF FIRING LIMIT OF 10000 ' which causes the spill job not to be submitted.
Remove this rule for LOGDCOM or set the AOFFIRELIMIT to unlimited.