DB001009 for module IDMSQFUS

Document ID : KB000014748
Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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What causes the following message?

DB001009 Module IDMSQFUS not found


This indicates that the IDMSQFUS program definition is missing from the system that is running.

Please run the following SYSGEN display.

DIS SYS xx. (where xx is the number of your system)



This should be run in batch as the output will be large. Then scan the output for IDMSQFUS. The definition may be in the dictionary, but not connected to the system you are bringing up.

This is a quirk of the SYSGEN compiler. When you issue a DISPLAY PROG XX. It does a calc on the program record in the dictionary and displays it. It does not indicate that it belongs to the current system.


All IDMS system tasks and programs are added to system 99 at install time.  A post configuration job should be run to copy all tasks and programs from system 99 to your current system.