Daylight Saving Time

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can the Insight (IDB2) Data Collector stay up, just like DB2, during the Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch or does it need to be stopped?

If it needs to be stopped, does it need to stay down for the entire hour?


Yes, with PTF UDBD089, the Data Collector can stay up. If you do not want to apply the PTF, here is the workaround.

The Data Collector needs to be stopped only during a time fall back change and there is no need to shut it down for the entire hour.

Here are the steps to follow when the DST switch requires time to be set back:

  1. Stop(Shut down) the datacollector.

  2. Peform the Time Change.

  3. Restart the datacollector.


Insight writes data to the VSAM KSDS datasets in sequential insert mode and the files are keyed by date/time. When DST is changed "on the fly", Insight attempts to write a record that is "out of sequence" because the key of the record may be up to an hour before the last record that was added due to the time change. Thus the files must be closed and reopened to reposition the next insert, which is why we currently require the Data Collector to be recycled. If the Data Collector is not recycled, the following message will be issued: