Datamart Extraction Job Failed - NBI_CFG_NO_FISCAL_PERIOD - No fiscal periods have been set up

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Datamart job is failing with following error (shown on the job log or shown in the background log file - bg-niku.log):

SQL error code: 50000 
Error message: [CA PPM][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]NBI_CFG_NO_FISCAL_PERIOD - No fiscal periods have been set up SQL error code: 50000 Error message: [CA Clarity][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer] 

(Note: this is a Microsoft SQL Server database specific error message, however, this issue can occur in an Oracle database as well with similar a error message)


The Datamart jobs require active, monthly Fiscal Time Periods defined for the Entity that is configured on the Datamart Settings page. The configuration of Fiscal Time Periods must include the current month. It is a 'best practices' recommendation to define active, monthly periods up to 6 months into the future so that the Administrator does not have to remember to create these periods each month.


Fiscal Time Periods are defined for the Datamart Entity:

  1. Log in as an administrator user
  2. Administration, Data Administration: Datamart Settings
  3. Make a note of the Entity configured for the Datamart
  4. Administration, Finance: Setup, Entities
  5. Click on the Datamart Entity name to open the properties page
  6. Click on the "Fiscal Time Periods" Tab 
  7. Add some new, Monthly Fiscal Time Periods to include today's date and to span at least six months in the future 
  8. Activate the new Monthly Fiscal Time Periods 
  9. Schedule the 'Datamart Extraction' job
  10. Schedule the 'Datamart Rollup - Time Facts and Time Summary' job (optional)

Additional Information:

This issue also impacts the successful execution of the Datamart Rollup job and by configuring the Fiscal Periods, you will avoid the following errors.

Reference TEC549469 : Datamart Rollup Job Failed - Determine current fiscal period no data found

Reference TEC549470 : Datamart Rollup Job Failed - Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'FISCAL_TIME_KEY' table

Once you activate the fiscal periods and they are then used in the Datamart tables, you may not deactivate them.  

Reference  TEC439153 : Is there a way to modify, archive or deactivate Fiscal Time Periods that have already been used?