Datamaker Error: Publish limit error - Publish repeat count is too high"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am trying to publish out 100100 rows with DataMaker,  unfortunately Im not able to do this,  since the repeat can only be up to 100,000

So if I enter 100100 for my row count,  I get the following error.


Publish errors

 Publish limit error - Publish repeat count is too high (100100 is greater than 100000).




DataMaker 3.*

The  "repeat  X times (1 - 100,000)" is a global table level repeat and not a row level repeat.   If there are 5 rows in the table,  setting the repeat value to 100,000 will generate 500,000 rows of data for your use.   If you need to generate more data than 100,000 x the amount of rows in your table,  consider using the Table Count value.   To accomplish the publish of 100100 with a table that has one record in it,  set the table count to 2 and set the repeat X times to 50050 as shown in the screenshot below