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Last Modified Date : 02/01/2019
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We have setup the connection between Datamaker and our Informix database. However, when we connect FDM to the Informaix Database and attempt to preform masking, the masking job fails. The error shows it adds a double quote to the table name. 

For example: 
select count(*) from "safre"."afi_mae_afiliado" where codven="0001020460" 

If the DBA removes the double quotes from the table name, the query is successful. 
select count(*) from "safre".afi_mae_afiliado where codven="0001020460" 

It appears FDM fails to recognize the DELIMIDENT=Y environment variable that is discusses in the Test Data Manager documentation, for setting up the connection to Informix. 

Informix 12.1

For Informix to work, you must set the following environment variable on the system where Datamaker is installed:

This setting causes the Informix driver to properly interpret double quotes as delimiters.

TDM Sustaining Engineering review the issue further and the DELIMIDENT=Y environment variable needs to be set on the server where the Informix database instance is running.
The variable can be added either on:
  1. The system’s Environment variables
  2. IBM Informix Setnet32 > Server Variables
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