Datacom Server ODBC READ ONLY access WRITE needed

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Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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CA Datacom Server ODBC application is getting READ ONLY access when READ WRITE is desired.

An application is getting the following ODBC error message when any write is attempted:

S1000(0)[CA][ODBC CA Datacom/DB Driver] No updates, deletes or inserts are allowed in SQLPrepare   

There are two settings to check...

First, check that the mainframe CA Datacom Server is started with option “ACCESS=W” (write) instead of “ACCESS=R”.
  (Optional) Specifies the type of SQL access available in this Mainframe Server. 
  Valid Entries: R (read-only) or W (read/write)
Default: W 
Note: ACCESS=R tells the Mainframe Server to reject SQL maintenance commands, such as INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and   CREATE. It does not affect locking mechanisms that the SQL engine uses in the Multi-User Facility to ensure data integrity. 

Second, check the Behavior in the Options table on the Datacom ODBC data source setup.
Set the ODBC Client Options

Optionally, you can edit cursor behavior, how tables are accessed, change auto commit, define table caching, limit the listed tables, and modify statement processing options of the server from the Options tab on the CA Datacom/DB ODBC Setup window.
To define behavior when accessing data
1. Select the Behaviors button on the Options tab of the CA Datacom/DB ODBC Setup window.
The Cursor Behavior and Access Mode dialog appears.
2. Select READ/WRITE from the drop-down list in the Access Mode field.

Additional Information:
For related CA Datacom Server information, refer to CA Datacom Tools - 15.0 .

Section "Input Parameters" on Mainframe Server startup options.

Section "Configure Your ODBC Client" on behaviors.