Datacom failure RC 74 (081)

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Why i am getting a Datacom return code 74 (81) and what does it mean?


z/os, CA Datacom/AD or DB

To find out more information on RC74(081) or DB01401E:                         


      DB01401E MVS DYNAMIC ALLOCATION ERROR, DDNAME=xxxxxx, R15=n,            

               ERROR=nnn, INFO=nnnn                                           


                    ----- (SVC99 or DYNALLOC Error Reason Code)               


               The following is a list of the common ERROR codes:             

                  . 0210 - Requested data set unavailable.  The dataset  is allocated to another job and it's usage         

                           attribute conflicts with this request.  (dsname allocation)                                

                  . 0214 - Unit not available.                                

                  . 0218 - Specified volume or an acceptable volume is not mounted.                                    

                  . 0238 - Space unavailable in task I/O table (TIOT)         

                  . 1708, 1718, 172C - LOCATE error. Cannot find dsname in catalog, volume, etc.                           

                  . 0450 - Request caused the limit of concurrent allocations (TIOT) to be exceeded.                             



  (The ERROR= value is obtained from DYNALLOC S99ERROR)          

               (The  INFO= value is obtained from DYNALLOC S99INFO)           


               (For a complete list of reason codes, refer to the             

       z/OS V1R9.0 MVS Programming: Authorized Assembler Services Guide       

                    manual number SA22-7608-07 section 26.3  Interpreting DYNALLOC Return Codes)                

Please refer to the return codes display in the cause and related resolution. see above
Additional Information:


See CA Datacom/DB Message Reference Guide 14.0 for more information.

This problem may happen to CA Datacom/AD sites at upgrade time on DBID 002 Data sets (IXX002 or DD1002); these data sets are not frequently opened and may have been archived then deleted.  Always take backups.