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Last Modified Date : 08/10/2018
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Due to other circumstances, the physical size of the non-virtual CBS Heuristics index (IXX1006) needed to be enlarged and switched to a different, larger data set.
Attempt to then run DBUTLTY to rebuild the index via RETIX failed with RC 46.
RETIX failed with RC 46 since base 1006 was open in MUF via the MUF startop option CBS specifying the heuristic-dbid 1006.

For example:

CBS        6,2M,0,0,16,1006 
The situation was resolved by restarting the MUF with startup option LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF which enabled MUF without opening some system databases.
This allowed RETIX to run.
After RETIX, the MUF was recycled again with out LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF to return to desired functioning.
Additional Information:
CA Datacom Core - 15.1LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF”
    If LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF is specified as YES to block options that can cause known conflicts, actions during MUF startup that are different include the following:
    • The temporary CBS index is not automatically opened.
    • All URT open requests fail with a return code 94(167), except all DBUTLTY functions are allowed and the CA Datacom® Datadictionary™ databases are allowed.
    • Message DB01919E - CONFLICT WITH LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF is received if any of the following options are placed in MUF startup:
      • ACCT
      • ACCTPRM
      • CBS
      • CDCL
      • HISTORY
      • SQL_OPTION
      • STAR

CA Datacom Core - 15.1 "CBS" 
Note: Do not specify the CBS MUF startup option when you specify YES for the LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF MUF startup option. LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF YES prevents the CBS temporary index from being automatically opened. For more information, see LIMITED_INSTALL_MUF