Datacom/AD solution download without CSM

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Last Modified Date : 10/07/2018
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How to get all of CA Datacom/AD published PTFs when CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM) is not available? And, which components should be selected?

Obtaining maintenance without the use of CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) can be done a couple of ways.
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Before you continue review the Help “Downloading Mass Solutions” which shows the steps for how to create a solution cart with more than 100 solutions.
You will likely need this information as you progress. You also should empty your solution cart before you proceed so that it does not hit a limit.
1. Select solutions for download and create the solution cart ( via the column “PTFs Available” for the desired CA Datacom/AD Version in the Maintenance Grid for z/OS

2. Select solutions for download and create the via DOWNLOAD MANANGEMENT.
b. Find CA Datacom - AD in the list or enter the product name in Search By Product Name…
c. Click on Solution Downloads Available.
d. Pick the Solutions Downloads tab.
e. Select the desired release from the list for the CA Datacom/AD MVS product.
f. On next page, set filters.
Be sure to review the Component drop down to check only desired components.

The CA Datacom/AD 15.0 for z/OS package consists of:  
         *  CA Datacom/DB (with CA Datacom Datadictionary) 
         *  CA Datacom SQL                                 
         *  CA Datacom Server                              
         *  CA IPC (CA Inter-Product Components) 
So, ONLY check off the following Components:
... and optionally only if you CA product uses this...
No others components are relevant to the CA Datacom/AD SMP/e environment.

After you select the solutions for download, click on the CART and scroll down to hit CHECKOUT.

Wait for the Order number and for the package to be created.

When the has been created, you will receive an email with the FTP directory where the package is located.

Review the Download options and download. 
Additional Information:
Refer to the "CA Datacom/CA Ideal/CA IPC Maintenance Grid for z/OS"

Refer to KB00003647 "A number of CA Datacom PTFs have SMP/e ++HOLD ACTIONs referring to RInnnnn information solutions. Where can I find all of the informational solutions for a product and release?"

For information on CAUNZIP refer to "CA Common Services for z/OS CA UNZIP Utility Quick Reference Guide Version"
For more details on CA RS, ERROR HOLDDATA, et al, refer to "Obtaining CA Recommended Service (CA RS) for z/OS without using CA CSM"