"Database provider from type 'MsSQL' was installed on server <servername> with an incorrect transaction log size" error

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During the installation of a new CA ITCM Domain Manager/Enterprise Server, the following error occurs:

Figure 1

"CA IT Client Manager Setup could not validate the given settings.
Database provider from type 'MsSQL' was not installed on server <servername> with an incorrect transaction log size."

In the TRC_Inst2_ITRM.log the following lines are seen:

240311-07:56:43| CiCheckDBMsSQL::checkTransactionLogSize: Start
240311-07:56:43| tmpDBSize = <153600 KB>
240311-07:56:43| result = <FALSE>
240311-07:56:43| CiCheckDBMsSQL::checkTransactionLogSize: End <0>
240311-07:56:43| transaction log size correct <FALSE>
240311-07:56:43| CiCheckDBMsSQL::checkDBSettings: End <-2005>


This problem occurs because the tempdb database does not have the option "unrestricted growth" for it's Data file.

Change it to "unrestricted growth" and the error will not occur.

Figure 2