Database "Broken Chain" preventative measures.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there anything we can do to help prevent broken chains in the CA Dispatch database files?



The major cause of broken chains in the CA-Dispatch database files is improper recovery procedures after the cancellation of the CA-Dispatch address space or batch maintenance jobs. Arbitrary cancellation of these jobs is discouraged.



If there is no alternative to canceling or if an abend has occurred, we suggest following these steps:


  • If the CA-Dispatch address space was cancelled:
    1. Restart CA-Dispatch immediately (before a batch job can update the IDMS database) so it will be able to automatically run the roll back process. Start with the following command to ensure no subtasks are started:

      S Dispatch,START=DSSTAR00
    2. After a successful startup of Unicenter CA-Dispatch, issue a STOPCADS to shutdown cleanly.
    3. From the CA-Dispatch CADSJCL library, run the DSEXDBAN utility to ensure you have no broken chains. Broken chain error messages can be any of the following errors: 599701, 599702, 599703, or 599704. They typically contain a 'NOT FOUND' text. If broken chains are found, check to see if you have a current backup of this database area and contact CA Technical Support immediately.
    4. If the DSEXDBAN output is clean, this would indicate that canceling the address space did not create broken chains in the database.
    5. Restart CA-Dispatch and research what might have caused the cancellation or abend of CA-Dispatch. If further problems persist, contact CA Technical Support.


  • If batch maintenance jobs (run with CA-Dispatch down) are cancelled or ABENDed:
    1. Check to see if the RESTORE steps of the maintenance procedure have executed. If not, resubmit the job with the symbolic parameter setting of RESTFI='LT'. This restores the database prior to the beginning of the run.
    2. If the canceled or abended maintenance job was running against online viewing (job DSEXVIEW) we suggest running the DSEXOSY/DSEXOSYL "SYNC" utility using MODE=TEST to check for out of sync conditions between the LDS and OV database files.


Additional Information: 

Please refer to your CA-Dispatch System Programmers Guide, Chapter 11: System Backup, Recovery, and Maintenance

If all restore procedures have been followed and there are still broken chains, please call CA Technical Support.