Data Shopper Option - Collapsible Topics

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Data Shopper Option is a web-based, read-only tool for the AllFusion Repository for Distributed Systems that allows users to navigate and search meta-data in the repository. Data Shopper offers users several entry points into the repository. One main entry point is Topics under the Navigations panel.

The Topics page allows the meta-data to be presented to the user in a hierarchical fashion where individual topics represent the highest classifications of data in an enterprise. These classifications will vary from site to site, depending on the nature of the business. The next level in the meta-data hierarchy is represented by instances of Categories.

Categories represent more refined classifications of data within a given topic. By organizing the meta-data into this format, a user is able to jump to a specific set of data without having to search the entire repository.

Users with an understanding of how their hierarchical sets of data are organized within the repository may find the Topics entry point quite useful. Topics allow a user to jump directly to a specific business area or focus. Meta-data, however, may be organized and grouped into various and numerous types of topics, categories and sub-categories. Consequently, a user may have to scroll through pages of Topics, Categories and sub-categories before locating the desired instance. To reduce the visual searching on large sets of data that must be performed by a user, Topics may be collapsed/expanded where only the relevant sets of data will be displayed for the user to navigate through once it has been expanded. This type of functionality can be added through modifications to the standard Topics.asp page.

Data Shopper is just as customizable as the repository metamodel itself. The look and feel of how the contents are displayed can be modified by the user and there are no set rules or techniques. This technical document shows you how to make the Topics list in Data Shopper collapsible for ease of navigation when you have multiple topics that contain multiple categories.

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