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Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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SUMMARY: The user workspace permission custom HTML script can be used to assist with determining which workspaces your users have access to subscription wide. This is especially useful when assisting with a planned workspace move.

If users are not properly managed prior to performing a workspace move to another subscription, there is a high risk that not all intended users will be moved with the workspace migration. This results in the users also being disassociated with the work items they owned within the workspace. Please see the link below for more details in this regard. 


The workspace permission custom HTML can be installed either by the customer or support Engineer if Subscription Admin access has been provided.

The script can be found at the link below:

Instructions for installation:
1. As subscription administrator, log in to the Agile Central subscription.
2. Click on the desired tab, then + to add a custom page and choose the name "Workspace Permissions" then click "Save & Close".
3. Select the single page layout option, then click "Start adding apps".
4. Scroll down the APP CATALOG and under the "Custom" header select "Custom HTML", then click "Add This App".
5. Select a title such as WS Permissions then cut and paste the html code from the link above into the HTML box and click "Save".
6. The script will run. This make take several minutes depending on the size of the subscription. Once the report completes you can Click on "Export to CSV".

Watch the below video for how to use the tool with Excel to get a simpler list of users with access to more than one workspace:

User-added image

You are now ready to review the file to identify users who may be associated with more than one workspace in the subscription.
**Note: this tool does not identify Subscription Administrators**

Additional Information:


Are subscription administrators included in a workspace move?
No. Subscription administrators will not move with the target workspace. A current subscription administrator that needs to move with the target workspace will need to have another subscription administrator from the source subscription change their administrator permission from Yes to No.

Are disabled users moved over?
Yes, as long as their permissions are set to the one workspace moving over. 

What about if we are moving over multiple workspaces? Do users need to only have access to one?
Yes. The subscription administrator will have to choose one workspace or the other, and remove the user from all but the one workspace.

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