Data driven virtual service returns invalid response

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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Receiving invalid/incorrect responses for most of the transactions in the VS first time and gets a valid response from the 2nd time for the same transaction. For example, Excel has the data like below: 

Row 1: Column A -“ReqId=1212”, Column B – “ReqNumber=TEST{{ReqId}}”,”, Column C – “RequestContact=James” 
Row 2: Column A -“ReqId=1313”, Column B – “ReqNumber=TEST{{ReqId}}”, Column C – “RequestContact=Chris” 
Row 3: Column A -“ReqId=1414”, Column B – “ReqNumber=TEST{{ReqId}}”, Column C – “RequestContact=Chris” 
Row 4: Column A -“ReqId=1515”, Column B – “ReqNumber=TEST{{ReqId}}”, Column C – “RequestContact=Chris” 
Row 5: Column A -“ReqId=1616”, Column B – “ReqNumber=TEST{{ReqId}}”, Column C – “RequestContact=Chris” 

When a request is sent with ReqId=1414, VS returns response from another row other than Row 3 for the ReqNumber (TEST1212 or TEST1313 etc). When the same request is sent again then VS will return the valid response (TEST1414). 
DevTest 10.1
We have a dataset and a request. Data DrivenTransactionNavigator finds a row from the dataset, that matches the request.

For each column in the dataset, DevTest creates a system property with a value from the row. However, if the cell is a property itself or it has an inner property, then when DevTest update system properties and also evaluate inner properties. When the inner properties are evaluated, their values can be set from the previous transaction which causes the issue.
We have a patch for the issue in DevTest 10.1. Please open a support case and refer DE341863 and request the patch.