Data Aggregator installation fails to pass Pre-requisite check for Vertica connection

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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Installation of Data Aggregator fails with error on Pre-requisite Checking:

Pre-requisite Checking 
Failed to pass the pre-requisite checking for the Vertica database. Verify that: 

1) You have the correct parameters for connecting to the database 

2) The Vertica database is running 

3) In the case when the database schema is out of synchronization, disconnect 
all clients from the database and choose "Yes" during installation to recreate the schema. 

4) The Data Repository is running the correct version of Vertica. 

Error code: 1 
Description: unable to execute test to verify db connection; cause: 
[Vertica][VJDBC](3781) FATAL: Invalid username or password 

->1- Exit 
2- Retry Connection 
3- Re-enter Data 

CA Performance Management 3.x
Wrong password is used for the Data Repository admin password. 
Do not use the Linux OS dradmin user password here, but use the database password specified when creating the database. 
During the Data Aggregator installation we need to use the password found in the file used to install Data Repository vertica cluster. 
Make sure the password issued for dradmin account during Data Aggregator installation matches the password in the file used to install the Data Repository vertica cluster. 
Note that this is 'not' the Linux OS dradmin account password. This database user account password was specified when creating the database after the Data Repository installation. It is the 'DbPwd=' entry found in the file used with 
That is the password we should be using for dradmin account during DA installation. 

According to the CA Performance Management documentation - Install the Data Aggregator 
  • Data Repository admin username
    Specify the Linux user account that was used to install Data Repository. This username is needed for administration, such as backing up and restoring Data Repository, or updating the database schema.
    Example: dradmin
  • Data Repository admin password
    Defines the password for the Data Repository admin username.

    Note: This database user account password was specified when you created the database after the Data Repository installation.
    Example: dbpassword

We can verify this on the Data Repository host by looking at the file (/opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica8/ 
This was used for the original installs, and should contain the plain text password for the dradmin user - for example: 
# Database name 
# Database password