Dashboard PDF export does not contain all pages of a View with multiple pages

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Last Modified Date : 07/08/2018
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Dashboards can be configured to display many different types of Views. One possible View is a Multi-Page View.
When exporting a Dashboard that contains Views with multiple pages, not all pages are in the PDF. Why?

Is there a way to resolve that to export all data for that View?
All supported CA Performance Management releases

What has been observed in the PDF export is expected functionality. All Multi-Page Views within a Dashboard exported to PDF will show the same behavior.

That Documentation has the following statements related to this scenario. 

When creating PDF of a Dashboard "on-demand" it states:

"Export a dashboard to a static report in PDF format. The PDF includes only the information currently visible in your dashboard."

When scheduling a PDF run it states:

"A scheduled PDF includes only the information that would appear on the first page of each view of your dashboard."

This note on the same page provides a possible solution: 

"Export data from a view to a file in CSV format. The CSV includes only the information up to the row limit (1,000 for custom views and 5,000 for common views)."

What this means is that:

  1. Scheduled PDF exports of Dashboards will always provide only the first page of a Multi-Page View within the Dashboard.
  2. Manual PDF exports of live Dashboards will export the page of the Multi-Page View in display. If page 2 is displayed that is the page that will appear in the PDF. If page 4 is displayed that is the page that will appear in the PDF.

Possible work arounds?

  1. Export of each View individually (select Gear Icon and then Export to CSV on one View in Dashboard) to CSV format results in full list of report results. 
  2. Export of the entire Dashboard to CSV format results in full list of report results for all multi-page Views. 
Additional Information:
r3.6 Documentation that discusses this functionality: