DASD moving from RAID 5 to RAID 6

Document ID : KB000125017
Last Modified Date : 21/01/2019
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Our DASD is moving from RAID 5 to RAID 6, is there any maintenance to be applied, or are there any concerns for the Datacom suite of products? 
This is no maintenance nor concerns for RAID 6 with Datacom family of products.
Additional Information:
RAID 6 overview 
RAID 6 is a method of increasing the data protection of arrays with volume data spread across multiple disk drives. The DS8000® series supports RAID 6 arrays. 

RAID 6 increases data protection by adding an extra layer of parity over the RAID 5 implementation. By adding this protection, RAID 6 can restore data from an array with up to two failed drives. The calculation and storage of extra parity slightly reduces the capacity and performance compared to a RAID 5 array. RAID 6 is suitable for storage using archive class disk drives.