Custom SDK agent can't write cookie information to session store

Document ID : KB000100881
Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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Our custom java agent implements the "StoreSessioninServer" ACO parameter.
We referred to CA documents and understand that it needs the Session store configured in Policy Store, and both custom agent and Cookie provider must use GUID in query String instead of actual SMSESSION value.
To achieve that, per each request, custom agent will do following steps:
1. create a GUID/SMSESSION pair.
2. write that pair to Session store
3. generate a redirect url to cookie provider

However, we couldn't find any related method in AgentAPI.

We experimented with this feature by using CA IIS Webagents ( for both agent and cookie provider), and got log to signify 1-3 steps as below:
[07/12/2017][19:23:10][3532][328][SmAgentAPI.cpp:8500][Sm_AgentApi_SetSingleUseCookie][][][][][][][Enter function Sm_AgentApi_SetSingleUseCookie]
[07/12/2017][19:23:10][3532][328][SmAgentAPI.cpp:8664][Sm_AgentApi_SetSingleUseCookie][][][][][][][Leave function Sm_AgentApi_SetSingleUseCookie]
[07/12/2017][19:23:10][3532][328][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:7191][WriteSessionToExpiryTable][][][][][][][Successfully wrote SESSION data for GUID = data_suppressed]

It seems that the method SetSingleUseCookie is not listed in the SmAgentApi.h header file and therefore there is no JNI equivalent in the java api.
Can you advice how we can invoke this API?
SSO SDK 12.52 SP1
SDK Agent function was missing to save data to session store.
New methods added to agent class to save session data to session store. Open case and Reference DE307158

New Functions will be available in 12.52 SP1 CR9
Additional Information:
For any other versions, please open a support case and Reference DE307158