Custom Reports Scheduled Emails Not Emailed

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Custom Report emails Scheduled through the Custom Report Wizard do not get sent out on scheduled.

When checking the \Reporter\logs\Manager ServiceLog*.log file around the time the report is scheduled you will may see this error:
0:30:14 2 - Report Scheduler - :
NQS_EMS_00701: Expected content type application/pdf but received


Network Flow Analysis, versions 9.1 and above, any architecture


NFA database user table containing incorrect permission for admin user


1. RDP to the NFA Console server.
2. Login to the 'reporter' database by running the comamnd below from a Command Prompt:

mysql -P3308 reporter

3. Check the 'user_definitions' table to see if the 'admin' user has a 'userlevel' value of '1' with the query below:

select userlevel, name from user_definitions where name ='admin';
4. If it is not '1' please update it with the query below:

update user_definitions set userlevel=1 where name='admin';
5. Then either wait for the next scheduled email to be sent, or shcedule a new Custom Report email to test and verify the email gets sent.  You can also check the 'Manager ServiceLog' file to verify the errors are no longer seen.