Custom Menu Config - Change ping with IP

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have modified custom-menu-config.xml to have the "Ping" option on the right click menu in the SOI Console for a selected Alert ping by IP Address. But the command window for "Ping" opens quickly and closes right away. 


Windows 2008 & 2012

SOI 3.3 & 4.0


The attribute value is taken from the alarm and the problem is coming in case of those alarms which are not managed. If it is managed the property value is populated in alarm from its alarm model (alerted CI) and it starts coming in the ping command. If it is un-managed, the alarm model is not available and so this attribute in alarm does not pass any value to ping command. 

To make it work for both managed and un-managed alarms use "AlarmAttrID.PRIMARYIPV4ADDRESS" attribute instead of AttributeID.NETWORK_ADDRESS in both places, because this attribute always have value irrespective of alarm is managed or unmanaged.

Note: We can either mention AlarmAttrID.PRIMARYIPV4ADDRESS or 0x12b12(hexadecimal value of attribute that can be obtained from debug console).