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Does CA Dispatch provide a Culprit report that will show us the reports that each database recipient receives? Something similar to what the CA Dispatch VRDMI320 screen shows us.


There are actually several different "canned" culprit reports that will show you a variety of database recipient information. For example: 


DSCULP01 - (Shows all report recipients and includes their page selection criteria). 

DSCULP03 - (Useful if each recipient has their own unique MAILDROP). 

DSCULP13 - (Similar to DSCULP01 but shows less information).


In addition to the above "canned" Culprit reports, the following CULPRIT statements will create a NEW report called "DISTRIBUTION FILE LISTING BY RECIPIENT" that lists database recipients and the reports that they receive.  


INSTRUCTIONS to execute the NEW report: 


* Copy the statements below into a new CADSOPTN library member. Modify the 'MEMBER=' symbolic in the DSEXCULP submit JCL to point to this new member name. Execute the DSEXCULP job.




- The Culprit control statements MUST start in column 2 in the new CADSOPTN library member that you will be creating!  

- Don't forget to remove the TOP & BOTTOM OF DATA comments before saving the member and executing the report!!



***************************** Top of Data **************************

 INPUT 6000 DB(D) SS=SSRD01,CAISCHEM,1                              



 48OUT D                                                            


 483 DISTRIBUTION FILE LISTING BY RECIPIENT                         

 4841*  1 '   '                                                     

 4843*  1 '   '                                                     

 4842*  1 'RECIPIENT'                                               

 4842*  2 'REPORT'                                                  

 4842*  3 'JOB'                                                     

 4842*  4 'REPORT DESCRIPTION'                                      

 4842*  5 'COPIES'                                                  

 4842*  6 'CLASS'                                                   

 4852*  1 RD-RCPRPT-RECIP-ID                                        

 4852*  2 RD-RCPRPT-REPORT-NAME                                     

 4852*  3 RD-RCPRPT-JOBNAME                                         

 4852*  4 RD-BASE-REPORT-DESC                                       

 4852*  5 RD-SYSOUT-COPIES                                          

 4852*  6 RD-SYSOUT-CLASS-SPECIFIC                                  

**************************** Bottom of Data ************************

Additional Information:

For more information and examples of all of the available "canned" Culprit reports available with CA Dispatch, please refer to your CA Dispatch Reference Guide, specifically the section entitled:

Appendix C: Printing Database Information Using CA Culprit