CTG testing and VSE Recording

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Last Modified Date : 27/09/2018
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The CTG is a way to run (LINK) CICS programs from a Java program.
The CTG virtualization is done “on the wire”, so the mainframe is needed for recording only. Playback virtualizes out the mainframe completely. The virtual service is deployed on the workstation, not to the mainframe. It does not involve the mainframe agents.
The mapping for CTG is different than for CICS virtualization (which uses matchType="metaData" key="Program_name" value="DEMOINQ "). CTG Copybook processing uses matchType="operation" key="DEMOINQ"
We support CTG 7.2, 8.x, and 9.x.

CTG recording and playback walkthrough

Connect to ETPGZOS vpn
In Workstation, create project CTG
Copy contents of unzipped ..\ctgclnt\CTG_Clients\Data to project Data folder
In Workstation:
Start the VSE Recorder
Enter info for a CTG recording:
User-added image
Click Next

Enter the following. The “Listen/Record on port” is the port number that the DevTest “listener” aka “man in the middle” listens on in your workstation. It can be any port that is not in use on your workstation. I use a port number different than the actual CTG port number on the mainframe to avoid confusion. The remaining info is the IP address and port number of the CTG server on the mainframe that DevTest will forward things to.

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Click Next

Recording begins:
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For this example, we will use the IBM sample client. Either would work.

Double click on ..\ctgclnt\CTG_Clients\IBM_Sample\DEMOINQ_Virt.bat​

User-added image

Recordings appear:
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Click Next
Add copybook data protocols:
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Click Next
Add copybook config:
User-added image
Click Next
This panel shows up because we did not check the “Treat all transactions as stateless” box earlier.
User-added image
We don’t need to do anything here – click Next.
Save the recording config with the little folder in the lower right corner if you want.

User-added image
Click Next.
Edit the second transaction, first exact response (after the meta response):
User-added image

Deploy the virtual service

Double click on ..\ctgclnt\CTG_Clients\IBM_Sample\DEMOINQ_Virt.bat

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And see the edits in the response (DEMOGETN-MSG).

The virtual service can be stopped in the Portal, or use this shortcut:

Open a command prompt.
Change into your DevTest bin folder.
cd C:\Program Files\CA\DevTest1010\bin
List virtual services.
VSEManager --vse VSE --username=admin --password=admin --status all
Stop the virtual services.
VSEManager --vse VSE --username=admin --password=admin --stop DEMOINQ


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