Cross-Memory Commands for working with the CA View or CA Deliver database.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will discuss the dataset table created by Cross-Memory, its maintenance and commands available to allocate and de-allocate the CA View or CA Deliver database.


  1. When issuing the Cross-Memory command to list the databases allocated to the Cross-Memory task, there are several questions about the database table that are displayed.
    1. How is the database table that is displayed populated?

      There are two ways to get an entry into the database table. The first is through EBCXMCTR. If it is done that way, you should be able to de-allocate and free the database. The other way is through a user sign on specifying a database that is not in the table. The database will be dynamically added and cannot be freed or de-allocated by XMS commands.

      We have changed the documentation to state that there should be an entry in EBCXMCTR for every database that will be used. Those entries are then used to build the database table.

    2. How is the database table cleared of database base names?

      The database table is cleared at IPL time.

    3. How can the databases be allocated and de-allocated?

      To de-allocate a database, issue a SUSPEND command against that database.
      If that does not work, issue the CANCEL against the database. That should cancel all users and then the database should de-allocate.
      Once de-allocated, the client should be able to run batch jobs that require exclusive control against the database.

      Until a RESUME command is issued for that database, there should not be any activity against that database.

      To allocate the database, issue the RESUME command:
  2. For more information on the Cross-memory commands, please review the CA View Reference Guide, look at the SUSPEND command, the RESUME command and, if necessary, the CANCEL command that can be used for the database to allocate and de-allocate the CA View or CA Deliver database.

REMEMBER: If a database is not defined in the EBCXMCTR table and that database is referenced by a user, the database will be dynamically added to the Cross-Memory database table and can NOT be freed or de-allocated by Cross-Memory commands.